Unearthed Live: Climate reporting debate with Jon Snow


Unearthed reporters

On February 11th, at notorious London media hangout The Frontline Club, Unearthed held a debate on the following question:

“Do journalists have a responsibility to campaign on climate change within their reporting?”

Somehow we ended up with an anecdote from Jon Snow about the time he and UN secretary general Ban Ki Moon wore polar bear trousers.

But the rest of the evening was a sometimes heated, always interesting discussion between from our all-star panel and audience about what it means to be a energy and climate journalist.

Here’s introducing the panellists you’ll see in the video. (From left to right)

Li Shuo, energy analyst at Greenpeace China
Tom Chivers, senior writer at Buzzfeed UK
Jon Snow, anchor for Channel 4 (and the discussion’s chair)
Zoe Williams, columnist at The Guardian
Tom Clarke, science editor for Channel 4

There was a good deal of social media activity under the event’s hashtag #climatereporting and we encourage people to continue using it and to tweet us @Unearthed.

Here were some of the night’s highlights (in tweets)