Unearthed is Greenpeace UK’s award-winning journalism project

Founded in 2012 as Energydesk, we started out as a small team of journalists dedicated to open and accurate reporting on energy and climate change. As Unearthed, we cover the environment more broadly, from forests and oceans to bees and air pollution, as well as the politics and economics that underpin them. The addition of our investigations unit in 2015 has enabled us to take on those big, risky stories that require time and resources many newsrooms don’t have, but that need to be told.

We publish accurate, honest, change-making stories that illuminate parts of our changing world no one else is looking at. Environmental journalism is getting better, but the media landscape is still lacking in in-depth, sustained coverage of issues that are only increasing in urgency, from climate change to ocean plastic pollution.

We are committed to fighting racism and class discrimination both in our newsroom and our reporting – you can read more on that, and check in on how we’re doing here. 

Unearthed is: Alice Ross, Crispin Dowler, Zach Boren, Emma Howard, Joe Sandler Clarke, Lucy Jordan, Richa Syal and Ellie O’Donnell. We are funded by Greenpeace supporters. If you want to support our journalism, you can.

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