Interactive map: Shell’s troubled journey to Arctic drilling in Chukchi Sea

Map produced on Knightlabs Storymap and hosted by them, not Greenpeace. For further details on their project please see here

This interactive map above charts Shell’s return to the Arctic from the present day – or you can click on the map points (full screen version here).

Three years after it all went wrong for Shell’s Arctic oil plans the first time around, the fossil fuel giant has now been given its final permit to bore down into the oil bearing zones of the Chukchi Sea, off the Alaskan coast, by the US government (official documents here).

Shell had already sunk its drills into the Burger prospect – but only to form the top part of the well so far.

The picture of Shell’s journey to the Arctic has been far from rosy this year, with a series of mishaps and complications ranging from broken ships needing to be repaired to walrus protections meaning Shell can only drill one rig at a time.

Additional reporting by Zachary Boren.

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